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Electrical Contractors Perth 7 Things You Must Know When Dealing With An Electrical Crisis

According to a study conducted by the Nationwide Coroners Information System in Australia, 321 folk died as a result of electrocution between July 2000 and October 2011. This has been recorded by the Australian coroners with 39 cases still under inquiry.
Electrocution in all cases should have been reduced if everyone was aware of the correct procedures when dealing with electrical emergencies. Knowing what to do in such cases is essential and can save a persons life. Here are 7 things one ought to know in electric emergency scenarios.
1. If someone has been electrically surprised, you must first switch off the electrical source by locating the right circuit breaker or disconnect switch. If you're not sure how to do this, get someone who is able to have it done asap
If the person was electricuted with high-voltage, indoors wires, call 000 and your electical contractors right away. Don't touch the person or try to separate him from the wires. Keep at least 30 metres away from all live power lines that slumped.
2. Do not touch the person who has made contact with live electricity. The body is made up of 60% to 70% water and is a neat conductor of electricity so that the electric current may still be present through his or her body. If you touch the individual, you are probably going to be startled as well. Creating two victims rather than one due to an inaccurate approach would not be beneficial.
3. If the circuit breaker cannot be found and turned off right away, utilise a dry wooden board or any non-conductor material to dislodge the individual from the electrical current.
Some Items to Use:
- Rope
- Extension cord
- Timber Board
- Broom handle
It is vital to separate the victim to the electric current as quickly as possible because their survival time is very limited.
4. After the person has been safely seperated from the energy supply, check his respiring and heartbeat. If you understand how to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, do it with the victim as it is necessary to keep the flow of oxygen and blood thru his body. Apply mouth-to-mouth resuscitation till a professional doctor has arrived. This may increase the survival prospects of the victim.
5. If the victim is conscious, let him know to lie still till trained emergency personnel arrive on the scene. The victim may well experience infrequent blood flow so keep him cosy and warm as much as humanly possible.
6. Never move or touch the victim if you are suspicious of spine or neck injury. Moving him might cause more damage. Cover any burns and swelling with a sterile dressing. Don't apply any oil or salve onto burns.
7. Electrical shock victims may suffer from heart attack after hours and minutes of being electricuted. It is imperative to keep on seeking medical attention till the victim is out of electrical shock risk period.
These are some of the things worth doing in case of electric shock emergencies. You can avoid this sort of accident by keeping clear of exposed wiring, keeping water away from appliances and following other electrical safety protocols. Nevertheless accidents still happen so it's better to know what should be done for an electric shock victim. Keep in mind, it is better to know this data and not need it, than need this information and not have it. is a resorce of Professional Builders and trades including Licensed Bendigo Electricians. You can access their site by visiting

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